YouTube and their new VTube platform

YouTube has recently created a new platform where the average person can show off their various talents and become recognized and the people who entertain us through these apps are called “virtual YouTubers,” or “VTubers,” and the avatars used are shown as anime characters.


This appears to be exclusive only to the Japanese market and the app has multiplied to the point where everyone in Japan seems to have an account and it’s just the beginning. YouTube seems to have taken notice and is likely cashing in.


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The app is remarkably and eerily similar to what real humans do when posting things on YouTube Take videos of themselves doing various indoor and outdoor activities and broadcasting them for the whole world to see.


According to a rankings website for YouTube, Kizuna Ai is currently the largest with more than 2 million followers. In second place is Kaguya Luna with 750,000 followers and 3rd place goes to Mirai Akari having acquired 625,000 followers.


This is without doubt disproportionately small compared to some of the human-based videos but Kizuna Ai already outclassed other YouTubers, such as Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.


Kizuna Ai is seen as the pioneer of the VTube phenomenon having made the necessary steps to beat the system so quickly. However, Kizuna Ai now has several competitors attempting to oust her from her top spot.


From a technological point of view, a big factor behind the bump in popularity is the fact that the necessary software is easier to create and hardware is cheaper to produce.



Let’s face it, anime characters cannot have a Twitter account and are too dumb to navigate through Twitter. On the other hand, VTubers can do this and have since taken advantage of it.


VTube is played by humans but a lot of people and fans want to see a little difference in the actions of the human owner and the avatar.


Reference: Japan’s latest big thing: ‘virtual YouTubers’


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