Yoshinoya to Introduce a Riceless Vegetable Beef Bowl for Health Enthusiasts

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Japan is one of the most well-loved food destinations around the world. Travel enthusiasts and foodies would definitely agree that Japanese cuisine offers a one of a kind gastronomic experience. With its wide array of dishes and extensive menu, Japan is known for its food variety and a well-balanced healthy diet. It is home to some of the world’s most iconic food such as sushi, ramen, gyoza, gyudon and tempura, among others.


Gyudon or Japanese beef bowl gained tremendous popularity not only across the Land of the Rising Sun but also all over the globe. Both locals and foreign tourists in the country who prefer delicious, affordable and fast food dishes are more likely to look for the best beef bowl restaurants in Japan. Gyudon can be easily prepared by adding thin slices of tender flavorful beef and sweet onions to a bowl of steamed rice.


Yoshinoya is regarded as one of the greatest gyudon shops in the country since 1899. At present, it has established numerous branches not only in Japan but also around the world. Being known as one of the most popular Japanese multi-national fast food chain, Yoshinoya started to expand its menu by serving a wide variety of cuisines other than the Japanese beef bowl.


Nowadays, Yoshinoya Holdings Co. aims to be more flexible in their menu by catering to the food preferences of their customers. Since there are more and more health-conscious foodies in Japan requesting for more natural and organic food, Yoshinoya has decided to launch a new dish that features a bowl of beef on vegetables rather than the usual steamed rice. It will instead be mixed with broccoli, lettuce, beans cabbage and a half-boiled egg. As of the moment, the vegetable beef bowl is only available in Yoshinoya branches across Japan. Health enthusiasts who are in the country are definitely looking forward to this new product since this is going to be the very first Japanese beef bowl without rice.



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