“Weathering With You” Inspired Café is Set to Open in Tokyo and Osaka

Japan is known across the globe as the anime capital of the world. It is home to various animation series, iconic anime characters as well as manga or comic books that gained tremendous popularity not only in the Land of the Rising Sun but also among hundreds of thousands of anime fanatics and enthusiasts from different countries worldwide.


There are a lot of famous anime studios and creative artists in Japan. Among the most well loved animation film studios are Studio Ghibli headed by its directors Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and the producer Toshio Suzuki.


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Another striking artist that created the most notable anime films is Makoto Shinkai. His animation movies are characterized by emotionally stimulating plots and remarkable soundtracks. Most of all, Shinkai’s masterpiece are beautifully crafted with intricate details and colorful sceneries for each part of the story.


The most recently released anime movie of Shinkai is entitled “Weathering with You” was widely commended and appreciated by anime lovers. With this, a themed café which offers a wide selection of food choices in their menu featuring the said animation was established. The café is set to open both in Tokyo on October 8 and in Osaka on October 10, 2019.


“Weathering with You” basically revolved around two teenage protagonists: Hina and Hodaka. The former has control over the weather while the latter is a runaway from the suburbs who landed in Tokyo. Throughout the story, the clouds and sky are constantly present and symbolic of the story’s underlying message. Inspired by the movie, the café showcases their special yogurt and kiwi that features one of the most notable parts of the anime film and that is when a world above the beautiful clouds is finally revealed.


The café also offers a green tea tiramisu placed below a cloud of cotton candy with “sunlight sauce” on the side. For café goers who are not into desserts, the shop also offers the Teruteru Rice Omelet, which has the shape of teruteru bozu dolls. These dolls are considered by the Japanese as charms during the rainy weather.


Reference: ‘Weathering with You’ anime cafe opening soon with Shinkai-inspired menu items


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