Wagyu Beef and Beautiful Spots lead to the Rising Popularity of Tottori Prefecture

In recent years, Japan is regarded worldwide as one of the most sought after tourist destinations across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of international travellers and food enthusiasts look forward to visiting the Land of the Rising Sun in order to personally witness the breathtaking tourist spots of the country, experience its unique culture and to try out some of the delicious Japanese dishes that provide a one of a kind gastronomic experience.


Most of the major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are definitely included in the itinerary of majority of these tourists. It does not come as a surprise that the theme parks, restaurants and shopping centers located in these cities are often crowded with both locals and foreign tourists alike.


Photo credit to: https://www.tasteofjapan.jp

For travel enthusiasts and foodies who prefer less crowded destinations, Tottori Prefecture is the perfect place to be. It is one of least populated places in the country located in the Western part along the Coast of Japan Sea. Tottori prefecture recently gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also on a universal scale. Globetrotters and travel enthusiasts who have visited the relaxing place are truly fascinated by the famous Tottori sand dunes, the Sand Museum and Mount Daisen, among others.


Aside from these awe-inspiring sites, Tottori Prefecture is also known as home to one of the world’s most popular delicacy: the wagyu beef. Well-known for its tenderness, texture and flavorful taste, the wagyu beef has emerged to be one of the most iconic Japanese dishes.


In this regard, the Hotel New Otani Tokyo will be holding the second Tottori Wagyu Fair this coming August in order to feature the prefecture’s excellent wagyu dish after it bagged the first prize during the Wagyu Olympics held across Japan. Tottori wagyu is now considered to be among the list of the best wagyu beef in Japan.


Shinji Hirai, the governor of Tottori prefecture expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Hotel New Otani Tokyo for again organizing another Tottori Wagyu Fair this 2019. According to him, “Since the previous year, foreign visitors’ fondness for Tottori wagyu has grown and I’m pleased that people around the world are learning about it through the grapevine.”



Tottori wagyu – the rising star of beef – shines at Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Tottori Prefecture


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