Vegetarian-Friendly Food Made Available in Japanese Konbini

While Japan is home to some of the best tasting food across the globe, it also falls among the least vegetarian-friendly countries worldwide. Japanese meals are known for their wide variety of flavorful dishes and well-balanced diet. However, their extensive menu which may include sushi, sashimi, ramen, gyoza, gyudon and tempura, among others, are primarily composed of fish or meat ingredients. Even the healthier options such as salads and miso soup are most likely mixed with either “dashi” or fish stock or covered with a hefty amount of fish-flavored sauce.


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With the prevalence of vegeterianism all over the world, more and more people including globetrotters abstain from consuming meat or fish in the countries that they travel to. These vegetarian travel enthusiasts have a special kind of diet which focuses on vegetable or plant substitutes in order to replace the protein provided by fish or meat. Nowadays, vegeterian diets are increasing in popularity especially among young adults.


Some restaurants across Japan try to cater to the preferences of vegetarians but majority of the food establishments in the country continue to serve the usual Japanese dishes that consist of delicious fish or meat recipe. It is thus extra challenging for vegetarians to search for vegetarian-friendly restaurants or food shops in Japan. Both locals and foreign tourists who prefer a vegetarian diet may have a hard time locating the perfect eating place that would suit their taste.


Well, they do not have to look any further because every konbini or convenience store in Japan provides a wide selection of meals that perfectly fit their distinctive food preference. A number of healthy vegetarian food choices are now readily available in these convenience stores which are very accessible particularly in major cities in Japan.


One of the most sought-after vegetarian food are the pizza buns. These mouth-watering tasty breads are made only of ingredients that are suitable for vegeterians, such as: tomato sauce, cheese and soft buns. They are sold at 7-Eleven and Family Marts in Japan at an affordable price.


Reference: 7 convenience store items for vegetarians in Japan


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