Using Gcash in Japan

GCash in Japan

Did you know that you can actually buy in Family Mart and Vendo using your Gcash in Japan?

JP in Japan shares a video on Youtube on how to use your Gcash in any Family Mart or vendo in Japan. Also, the good news is that every time you use Gcash through AliPay, you’ll get to enjoy discounts on every purchase!

Check out the video below and get to know how to use Gcash while in Japan.

Here’s the step by step process on how to use Gcash thru Alipay:

Family Mart

  1. Go to the cashier and present the items for purchase
  2. Open Gcash app
  3. Tap Pay QR 
  4. Tap Pay Abroad with Alipay+
  5. Generate your QR Code and share to cashier for scanning
  6. Complete payment

GCash in Japan

Vendo Machine

  1. Find a vendo machine that accepts AliPay payments
  2. Choose your item in the vendo
  3. Choose payment method as AliPay
  4. Open Gcash app
  5. Tap Pay QR 
  6. Scan AliPay’s QR displayed on the Vendo’s screen
  7. Complete Payment

This is pretty handy when you are in Japan. The exchange rate is good plus you get good discounts when you purchase items and pay through Gcash/AliPay.



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