USA and NoKor will hold second summit

Kim Jong Un and Mike Pompeo agreed on their two countries holding working-level talks immediately to arrange a second summit meeting between Kim and Trump.


Pompeo said that the United States and North Korea are getting very close to signing an agreement on a second summit. He added that Trump and Kim are likely to make huge progress toward denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.


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During Kim’s talks with Pompeo in Pyongyang, Kim expressed his will and conviction that a great making progress is imperative at a potential second meeting with Trump.


KCNA reported that Kim explained the proposals for solving denuclearization issues and matters of concern of both sides but KCNA didn’t elaborate further.


Kim also told Pompeo that he thanks Trump for making huge efforts and going the extra mile to implement an agreement that was signed at their first summit, saying US-NoKor talks are based on the confidence between the two leaders.


At an historic meeting in Singapore on June 12, 2018, Trump and Kim agreed that Washington will provide guaranteed security options and packages to Pyongyang in exchange for total denuclearization.


Pompeo held productive discussions with Kim on the weekend, as stated by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, who added that they were refining options for the location and date of the next US-NoKor summit.


However, it should be noted that experts such as those from the International Atomic Energy Agency are not invited to observe the dismantling. This has raised fears that the actual condition of the test site after dismantling them will not be revealed and may be used in secret to develop H-bombs.


With current U.S.-North Korea negotiations at a standstill, Kim pledged to talk with South Korean President Moon Jae in last month to permanently dismantle his country’s major nuclear complex in Yongbyon if the United States reciprocated them.


Reference: North Korea, U.S. agree to hold working-level talks for 2nd summit


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