US Startup Firm to Release Special Suits for Elderly People in Japan

Among the most prevalent issues that Japan has to deal with is its aging population as a result of consistent low birth rate and declining inward population. Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of senior citizens in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, more than thirty five million people are above the age of 65.


In this regard, numerous startups or pioneering commercial establishments based in the United States have decided to venture on elder care products and services. They have found a potential market among the graying population in Japan.


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One of these startup firms that specifically cater to seniors is the California based clothing company called Seismic. It seeks to cater to the sensitive needs of the elderly. With its latest body suit out in the market, Seismic aspires to bring its products in Japan. The said specialized suit came to be known as “Powered Clothing.”


Seismic made use of robotics and sensor technology inside the apparel to resemble body movements while improving the user’s strength at the same time. This special suit is intended for people from different age groups but it is particularly helpful for senior citizens who are into travelling and sports games.


Sarah Thomas, the Vice President of Seismic announced that their company is planning to release the “Powered Clothing” in the Japanese market by next year. Prior to its official release, Seismic in coordination with Obayashi Corporation provided its special suits to construction workers of the Japanese firm. The advanced technology installed in the apparel definitely helped these workers in their work which requires a lot of physical efforts.


Last June, Seismic also opened its first showroom in Japan before it will formally release the product. The firm intends to keep it open until September 11 because of the positive response of the Japanese customers.


Reference: U.S. startups look to Japan’s graying population


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