Upcoming Halloween Events in Shibuya to be Regulated

Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

Hundreds of thousands of young travellers and millennials across the globe who come to visit Japan are more likely to drop by the district of Shibuya in Tokyo on their first few days in the country. Shibuya is regarded as the capital of the young generation, fashion and modern culture. For tourists who are looking for the latest styles and Japanese entertainment updates, Shibuya is the perfect place to be. Its busy pavements are packed with restaurants, nightclubs, large shopping centers and department stores that are always full of locals and foreign tourists day in and day out.


One of the most photogenic and iconic landmarks in Shibuya is the large pedestrian crossing just in front of the station exit near the famous statue of Hachicko. From time to time, millions of pedestrians worldwide walk through the intersection when the light turns green. Most of them opt to take pictures at the well-known Shibuya crossing with a vivid background enhanced by the brightly colored neon advertisements and huge video screens.


The popular Shibuya crossing becomes even more congested with both Japanese and international tourists during the Halloween season. Last October 31, 2018, a total of more than thee hundred thousand people with ages ranging from late teens to their thirties swarm at the intersection in their unique and creative costumes. The Halloween celebration in Shibuya has already become a highly anticipated annual event since the year 2000. However, the Tokyo police has reported an increasing number of pranks and rowdy behavior in some of the public places in Shibuya.


To address this matter, the local government intends to impose a ban on alcoholic drinks and liquors specifically in outdoor areas and streets of Shibuya during the upcoming Halloween events. They plan to draft an ordinance before the end of October in order to enforce the liquor ban.



Tokyo’s Shibuya district to ban drinking on some streets during Halloween



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