Unlimited Use of Japan Rail Pass May Now be Availed of Online

A lot of travel enthusiasts across different parts of the globe would definitely agree that Japan is one of the fastest growing travel destinations worldwide. The Land of the Rising Sun is gaining tremendous popularity not only in Asia but all over the world. Year and year out, the country attracts hundreds of thousands of international tourists and sojourners.


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Majority of the travellers who come to visit Japan look forward to go sightseeing, be in awe of its beautiful tourist spots, experience the country’s unique culture and tradition as well as to try out the wide selection of iconic Japanese dishes. Aside from these must try activities in the country, what the tourists admire most about Japan is its advanced technology and innovations as manifested in its different form of accommodation and transportation.


One of the most impressive aspects about Japanese transportation is the Japan Rail Pass which is being made available to the public by Japan Railways Group which is the largest rail operator in the country. The said rail pass may be availed of by foreign tourists in order to enable them to travel across Japan with unlimited use of the Japan Railways train.


The Japan Rail Pass may be used for a period of one, two or three weeks. It is even includes the use of the Japanese shinkansen or bullet train which is known for its fast speed and modern facilities. However, it is not easy to obtain the rail pass especially for foreign tourists who visit Japan without engaging the service of a travel agency.


In the past, the rail pass may only be acquired through the assistance of a travel agency or an airline. Lately, Japan Railways Group has decided to also sell these rail passes at selected train stations in Japan. However, they are sold at a more expensive rate.


These difficulties of availing the unlimited rail pass will soon be eliminated since the Japan Rail Group announced this February it will start selling the Japan Rail Pass through their online website especially this coming summer season during the commencement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


Reference: Japan Rail Pass finally being made available for purchase online


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