Unique Designs and Vibrant Colors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games

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Hundreds of thousands of Japanese and international sports enthusiasts are now counting down the days towards the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games. In view of the Olympic hype, a lot of potential spectators and fanatics are not only looking forward to witness the much anticipated sports event, they are also interested to know the minute details in relation to the games – from the event venue, accommodation of the Olympic athletes, their official merchandises and of course, the Olympic tickets.


As early as the month of January, the organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games has already revealed the ticket designs to be utilized during the course of the said international sports event. Every one of the tickers will showcase a specific sports pictogram that matches the specific sports event to be attended by the spectators, a pictogram of their corresponding venue as well as the emblem of the Tokyo games.


The artistic Olympic and Paralympic tickets are organized and color coded based on the particular venue or the specific city that will be hosting the event. All in all, there is a total of fifty nine assorted Olympic game ticket designs while there are twenty five designs for the Paralympic games.


Basically, the ticket designs utilize four color types, to wit: kurenai or crimson red, ai or indigo, fuji or wisteria purple and matsuba or pine leaf green. Meanwhile, the shape of the 2020 Tokyo emblems are inspired by the three kinds of rectangular shapes and the Japanese special technique which is rcalled kasane no irome. It is a one of a kind color combination used in making fabrics that were used for kimonos particularly during the Heian period in Japan.


Since the selected colors were inspired by the traditional Japanese costume design, these colors are said to be indicative of the natural colors of the different seasons in the Land of the Rising Sun: winter, spring, summer and fall.


Reference: Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic ticket designs unveiled


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