Udon Blanket in Japan Promises Better Sleep

Udon blanket

The COVID-19 pandemic has been giving us heavy loads of anxiety since it started. With all the stress and worries on top of our heads right now, having a good night’s sleep seems to be very difficult nowadays. 

So. in order to solve this problem, a company in Japan popular for its Goku no Kimochi head massage parlor chain, Kyoto-based company, Golden Field, has designed a blanket that resembles the famous Udon noodles of Japan called Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket

Photo grabbed from nerdist.com

At first look, it seems like you are nestled in tentacles but this bedding is inspired by a grid of thick udon noodles. This indeed is surprisingly comfortable according to those who have tried it. 

Udon blanket
Photo grabbed from nerdist.com

You can grip or hug the ‘noodle’ when sleeping and it’s effective in keeping you both warm and cool. The blanket also comes with a mesh covering on top. From an ad, it says that “Bunching up the ‘noodles’ gives you more warmth while sticking your limbs between the strands can cool you down…”

Impressively, the first batch has been sold out already in Japan. This blanket is sold at $156. Would you spend this much on this kind of blanket? Comment below!


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