U.S.: North Korea betrayed us

North Korea has somewhat lost the trust of the U.S after intelligence showed a build up of new production and research facilities and even plans to conceal the full extent of its arsenal.


The U.S. ambassador to the Philippines met last Sunday with North Korean Vice Foreign Minister at the DMZ border village of Panmunjom that divides the Korean Peninsula.


photo credit to:https://www.timeslive.co.za


American side delivered a message describing their disappointment in the fresh intelligence that was reported from intercepted radio signals and urged Pyongyang to take steps to denuclearize their side of the Korean peninsula and disarm themselves as well. This is a clear violation of the joint meeting that Trump and Kim agreed upon the previous month.


Trump has been optimistic about the prospects of North Korea disarming it’s nuclear weapons and even announced that the disarmament process has already begun. But recent U.S. intelligence suggests the North has turned it’s back on the agreement.


American intelligence sources say the North secretly continued to enrich uranium at its Yongbyon facility, has even increased production and all this while claiming they wanted peace. Last week, U.S. spy satellites gathered and released a photo that showed the North was upgrading the facility.


The Wall Street Journal wrote in its Monday edition that North Korea has worked during the past two months to expand a missile manufacturing facility in the city of Hamhung, according to an analysis of satellite images by the U.S.-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies.


Some of the intelligence community warned that North Korea was just stalling for time, diverting the world’s attention to the prospects of peace while at the same time backstabbing the nations involved by producing more uranium and secretly upgrading the facilities.


China, on the other hand, is willing to broker a deal with its highly volatile neighbor. China, NoKor’s sole supplier, proposed that the U.N. Security Council to lift the sanctions on NoKor.


Reference: North Korea activity at nuclear sites raises red flag in US


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