U.N to SoKor: You violated NoKor Sanctions

The United Nations reported that South Korea violated sanctions to North Korea by failing to notify the Security Council about their shipment of petroleum products to the Hermit Kingdom.


For the past two years, the South Korean government has been trying to ease tensions and make a better relationship with North Korea. The amount of fuel was reported to be between 300 to 350 tons of fuel which was used to power cities as well as heat selected offices and homes of the wealthy.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

Also, it was said to have been used for their rocket and nuclear weapons program – something the rest of the world finds suspicious and distasteful.


The United Nations argued that, had South Korea reported the shipment, South Korea would have avoided being called out by their sanctions panel and would allow more shipments of limited tonnage to enter NoKor.


North Korea’s fuel and oil imports were lessened by 75%; from 2 million barrels to just half a million barrels. This has hurt North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs significantly.


But South Korea argued that, because the North is attempting to make peace with the South, reunification is closer than ever and soon (in theory), there won’t be a need to make sanctions.


In addition, the South also contends that this is one way to make diplomatic and political stability and improve relationships between the two countries in an effort to achieve peace.


However, the United Nations has ruled that, while the North is still called North Korea and that it’s leader is still the Kim dynasty, all products of any kind entering North Korea must be reported and logged so as not to make them too strong.


Furthermore, unless the North and South reunite, the sanctions will remain in effect until further notice.


Reference: U.N. panel to point out S. Korea’s violation of N. Korea sanctions


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