Two Instances that Enable Foreign Professionals to Avail of Green Card in Japan

The Japanese government deems it to be in the best of the country to encourage the influx of more and more foreign professionals in the Land of the Rising Sun. Having highly skilled foreign professionals can be considered as a big asset to promote the economic growth of Japan considering that the potential of these foreign professionals to contribute their valuable experience, expertise and skills in the relevant industries or sectors that they belong to.


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Over the past years, Japan has undertaken several measures to entice foreign professionals in the country. One of the recent system introduced to achieve such purpose is the establishment of a points based system which is intended to calculate the assets and potential contribution of interested foreign nationals who would like to work and reside in Japan under the “Highly Skilled Professional” visa.


These foreign professionals are evaluated on the basis of their merits and achievements such as but not limited to their scholastic accomplishments, university or school attended, work experience, annual salary and their expertise in their respective countries of origin.


In order to attract more foreign professionals in Japan, the government provides for preferential treatment and allows the grant of additional perks or benefits for highly skilled foreign professionals as compared to foreign workers who come to Japan under different visa types.


If the total points of a foreign professional reaches seventy (70), they are entitled to avail of a Japanese green card indicating a permanent residence status in Japan after three years of continuous stay in the country. Meanwhile, if their total points reach eight (80) under the calculation system established by the Japanese government, they may apply for permanent residency after just one year of continuously staying in the country while working for a domestic corporation organized and existing in Japan.


Reference: Points-based System for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals


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