Try Out the Best Tempura in Tokyo’s Oldest Specialized Restaurant

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Tokyo, Japan is regarded as one of the culinary capitals in the world. It is home to some of the most iconic and well loved cuisines all over the globe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and food enthusiasts are definitely looking forward to visit the Land of the Rising Sun not just to go sightseeing, appreciate its culture and experience the country’s impressive technology but also to try out unique and delicious Japanese dishes.


Japan has a wide selection of mouthwatering, flavorful and healthy culinary specialties to choose from. Each of these cuisines provide a one of a kind gastronomic experience for both locals and international foodies alike. Among the most sought after traditional Japanese food are the tempura, sushi, sashimi, yakitori and miso soup. Despite the extensive variety of food choices, one of the most striking features of Japanese culinary sector is their appreciation for specialized restaurants or the so-called “senmoten”.


These food establishments and restaurants are known for serving their specialty to their customers. Their chefs focus only on mastering one specific dish primarily showcased in their own distinctive menu. In this way, they can provide the most delectable speicalized dish as well as guarantee the best fine dining experience for the restaurant goers who are craving for a particular Japanese cuisine.


Sansada which was established during the Tenpo Era in1837 is considered to be the oldest senmoten or specialized restaurant. It exclusively sells tempura to its loyal customers. More than one hundred eighty years since the said restaurant was founded, Sansada has remained to be one of Tokyo’s most famous tempura restaurant.


The tempura, jumbo shrimp and kisu dishes of Sansada are truly worth a try. It serves perfectly fried tempura with an appetizing special sauce unlike no other restaurant in Japan. Sansada’s location is also easily accessible for the commuting public and foreign travellers. It is situated near Raimon gate of Sensoji Temple which is just a walking distance from Asakusa station.


Reference: A visit to Japan’s oldest tempura restaurant


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