Try out Disney’s Posh and Comfortable Yukata for the Summer Season

Every year, more than a million tourists and globetrotters from different parts of the world come to visit Japan for various interesting reasons. Most of these travellers look forward to go sightseeing in the country’s top travel destinations, try out the delicious Japanese cuisines that provide a one of a kind gastronomic experience and of course to personally experience the unique culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.


One of the most exciting activities for locals and foreign tourists in Japan during summer season is the wearing of yukata. Since the season is known as a time for celebrating different festivities which may include parades and fireworks displays, it is the perfect moment to be dressed in stylish and comfortable yukata. It is a traditional Japanese garment that is oftentimes regarded as the casual summer kimono.


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Aside from its elegantly simple design which characterizes the culture of Japan, the yukata is ideal to beat the heat and humid weather during summer season . It is usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric thus providing physical ease and relaxation amidst the scorching heat of the sun. The yukata may be worn by both male and female locals and foreign tourists alike. There are a lot of yukata patterns and colors to choose from especially in summer. Tourists  may opt for the traditional floral motif or try out some of the modern inspired yukata.


This year, the Disney Store Japan is set to release a new collection of summer kimono. Disney fanatics and Japanese culture enthusiasts would definitely love to check out these new items. It is not just limited to designs with Disney characters in it but the company intends to adopt the simplistic Japanese inspired patterns that is more appropriate for summer festivals and fireworks displays.Some of the famous Disney characters that will be featured in the latest summer yukata collection are Little Mermaid, Tangled and Mickey Mouse, among others.



Stylish Disney summer yukata



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