Try Out an Exquisite Afternoon Tea Service at the Stylish Tea Salon in Harajuku

Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of food and travel enthusiasts from different parts of the globe come to visit Japan in order to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing destinations in the country, try out its wide selection of iconic Japanese dishes and to personally experience its unique culture and tradition. These are just some of the few reasons why the Land of the Rising Sun is becoming the top tourist destination not only in Asia but on a universal scale.


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One of the most popular and distinctive activity in Japan that makes it stand out from other countries is its exquisite and world class tea service. A number of foodies from different countries abroad have definitely included Japan in their bucket list when it comes to quality food and tea.


With the influx of local and foreign tourists who are very much interested to try out tea ceremonies in Japan, there have been a lot of shops that offer various food and tea products to customers. Among these establishments is the Togo Kinenkan which is situated in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighbourhood. Togo Kinenkan was usually considered as a venue for weddings. But, at present, it also offers a one of a kind tea service which serves a combination of Japanese and Western style tea.


This artistic tea salon is located only a few minutes away from Harajuku Station amidst the crowded and busy shopping streets of Takeshita Dori. As you enter Togo Kinenkan, you will be welcomed with relaxing and peaceful scenery of a traditional Japanese style garden. If you avail of their special afternoon tea course, you will be given a ninety minute time limit to savour the moment. There are a dozen different types of tea which includes important dilmah teas from Sri Lanka and the award winning black tea from Kagoshima, Japan.


Reference: Experience afternoon tea with a Japanese twist in Harajuku


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