Trump and Kim in talks for a second day

It was both an exhilarating yet disappointing day for both North Korea and America. It was exhilarating because more talks means more peace but also was disappointing because both countries couldn’t agree to anything. Hence, trump walked out on the meeting mid-talk.


This has caused some to be alarmed that NoKor might even increase nuclear weapons production because America might be backing down on talks. However, this is not the case because both countries agreed to talk some more in the future.


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And everyone is most hopeful for that day to come because a 70 year old war needs to stop. It’s one reason why Russia and Japan are also having talks (Russia declared war on Japan just days prior to Japan surrendering in WWII and are still technically at war).


And to add to the misery, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, caused a little bit of hot water for Trump because he testified to Congress that Trump was a racist conman who more or less lies about everything.


Trump barely bats an eyelid to things like this because he knows it’s just another democrat trying to bring him down. Trump’s affair with tough business and tough business people alike has made him essentially immune to comments such as these.


Trump, despite knowing these attacks, was unfazed and even had time and luxury enough to pose for a picture with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un. After which, he simply shrugged it off. Also, back at the White House, the Secret Service barred 4 journalists from entering.


Cohen has been simply instrumental in the Democrat’s campaign against Trump and his presidential campaign as well as the Russian meddling in the elections – something that has shown that Russia hasn’t tampered at all; false accusations.


Reference: Trump, at North Korea summit, distracted by Cohen


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