Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Try the Newest Overnight Bus in Japan

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The pandemic has given us a lot of reasons to just stay home to help in minimizing the spread of the virus. However, most transportation services have also leveled up their sanitation measures to ensure the safety of the public.

Launched last summer of 2020, the newest overnight bus is called ReBorn Bus by Willer Express. Let’s check out how cool this new overnight bus is. 

Here are top 3 reasons why you should try the newest ReBorn bus even during the pandemic:

#1 – Equipped with anti-virus equipment called Aeropure

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The ReBorn is equipped with Aeropure, a space sterilization and deodorizer equipped with a deep ultraviolet LED that has been confirmed to be effective against the new coronavirus.

While on board the ReBorn, you have the peace of mind that the space you are in is free from virus.

Moreover, wearing masks and face shields for crew and reception staff are required. Also, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and the air is purified every 5 minutes.

#2 Fully equipped for your convenience

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Aside from the seats being designed like first class seats, your ReBorn pods also are fully equipped.

The ReBorn has the following equipment to ensure a comfortable stay during the trip. Every seat comes with a retractable table, outlet for smartphone charging, drink holder, blanket, a net pocket on the side of the seat where you can put your smartphone, individual luggage storage, a movable neck pad, leg rest and footrest. 

#3 Rescheduling is free and cheaper than Shinkansen

Rescheduling is free with ReBorn. You can also conveniently check the congestion status of the bus in real time on your dashboard and reschedule your trip a day before your trip. And did you know that this ReBorn buses are approximately ¥5,000 cheaper than the Shinkansen bullet trains. 

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Check out this video below for a 360 view of the seat in the bus.

If you miss sightseeing in Japan, taking the ReBorn bus may be a good idea. A relaxing trip with a great view can help you de-stress during this time of pandemic.


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