Tono City in Japan Aspires to Develop their Area into a Beer Town

In recent times, the Land of the Rising Sun is considered as one of the top tourist destinations not only in Asia but also on a global scale. With this tourism boom, various cities and prefectures in Japan are finding ways to further boost their local economy by promoting their products to globetrotters and food enthusiasts. Foodies from different parts of the world are also very much interested to try out the unique and distinctive tastes of iconic Japanese drinks and dishes.


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For instance, Tono City which is located in the northeastern part of Iwate has been encouraging both local and international travellers to check out their innovative ways to produce craft beer. Considering the influx of foreign tourists in Japan these days, they aspire to transform their city into a so-called beer town.


According to Atsushi Yoshida, “By putting efforts into hop production and other activities, I want to realize a situation in which everyone from all over Japan and the world will associate beer with Tono,” Mr. Yoshida established Beer Experience Co around February of 2018.


He started to cultivate hops in 2015 through a training program offered by Kirin Holdings Co., one of the largest breweries in Japan, specifically for local agricultural managers. Inspired by the craft beer boom, Mr. Yoshida and other residents of Tono are optimistic about improving their local economy through hop and beer production.


The enthusiasm of the city of Tono has also attracted other Japanese entrepreneurs outside their prefecture to try out beer brewing. One of them is Daisuke Hakamada who moved to Tono in April of 2017. Mr. Hakamada launched the “Tono Brewing Taproom.” It is a combination of a brewery and restaurant. Aside from him, there are also other businessmen who established such kind of business.


Mr. Hakamada said that “I just wanted to make beer which I love drinking, and serve it directly to guests.” He further remarked by saying that “I hope we can contribute to the development of Tono by connecting good local ingredients with beer, and by creating jobs.”


Reference: Craft beer boom spells hope for hops in Iwate town


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