Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe to Collaborate with Hello Kitty and Harajuku this Summer

The contagious “Kawaii” culture among Japanese is becoming a trend not only in the Land of the Rising Sun but also on a universal scale. In fact, millions of anime enthusiasts all over the globe have already joined the craze.


Most, if not all fanatics would agree that Hello Kitty is one of the most popular and well loved characters worldwide. With this, a lot of commercial establishments, restaurants, railway operators and other related businesses have incorporated the Hello Kitty theme in their merchandise and products.


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In the present generation, another popular sub-culture in Japan is the so-called Harajuku fashion. This style is especially popular among millennials and teenagers in the country. It is a playful and vibrant combination of girly and punk fashion style.


This coming summer season in Japan, the famous Kawaii Monster Cafe located at the heart of the country’s capital city seeks to launch a fancy collaboration between the adorable Hello Kitty character and the Harajuku Fashion as its way of celebrating its fourth year anniversary. Meanwhile, the Hello Kitty franchise is turning forty five this year. Thus, they came up with a special collaboration which is referred to as Harajuku x Kawaii x Hello Kitty as a way of recognizing their successes through the years.


The Kawaii Monster Cafe in Shibuya Tokyo has always lived by its name. It is a visually appealing, lively and one of a kind cafe which is why it gained tremendous popularity over time. This year, the Mel-Tea room, the most popular section in the cafe will be re-modelled into a dreamlike theme filled with pastel colors and Hello Kitty inspired equipments and facilities including the wall decors.


Aside from the physical set-up, the Kawaii Monster Cafe also intends to offer a special selection of food menu consist of eight vibrantly colored Hello Kitty-themed dishes which includes a Hello Kitty Burger with a Rainbow Cheese Sauce and Hello Kitty Harajuku Rainbow Curry, among others.


Reference: Hello Kitty and Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku team up


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