Tokyo and Osaka Among the Top Five Safest Cities Worldwide

The most recent research and analysis conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed a list of the safest cities across the globe. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan ranked first in the said report. Osaka is also regarded as the third safest city worldwide.


During the conference in which the Safe Cities Index 2019 report was released, the Economist Intelligence Unit explained that the city of Tokyo has a “broad array of strengths” with “low crime levels (both violent and petty), infrastructure designed to withstand natural shocks and low risk of computer malware.”


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The cities were assessed depending on the various standards or categories for public safety. In terms of digital security, Tokyo came in first. Meanwhile, Osaka had the best performance in health security followed by Tokyo. With regard to both infrastructure security and personal security, Tokyo ranked fourth.


Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo said that in order to address natural threats such as global climate change and earthquakes, the city has prepared efficient measures that are intended to protect its residents from the said disasters.


Furthermore, the report of the Economist Intelligence Unit mentioned that due to the declining population of Japan particularly in Tokyo and Osaka, as a result of its low birth rate and inward migration, the said places are relatively safer and more orderly compared to other cities across the globe. As compared to countries with fast rising population such as China and India, the cities of Tokyo and Osaka are a lot safer to live in.


In essence, the population of a certain city or country as a whole also plays a role in determining the safety of the said place in accordance with the standards set forth by the Economist Intelligence Unit. For the third consecutive year, Tokyo leads the safest cities worldwide.


Reference: Tokyo ranked world’s safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU


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