Thinking of Moving to Japan? First, Check Your Bank…

How much does it costs to move to Japan? We will give estimates for cost and a breakdown of the costs you’ll want to look at if you are planning a move to Japan. A tourist visa is a great way to get into Japan without a job, with the objective of finding a job before your visa expires.


How much would your budget be?


At a minimum, you would need to have at least ¥629,000.


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Minimum housing needs until you find a job. The share house has cooking and laundry facilities as well as WiFi. This is a rental property with tourists allowed for only short durations, which does not require a guarantor. Total Monthly Cost would be ¥45,000.


You don’t need to bring a lot of stuff when you go to Japan. And when you arrive, you’ll have to cook some meals or buy inexpensive ready-made meals. With this, your daily food budget of ¥1,200 will do. And that’s at the bare minimum.


You bring your phone with you and use a local SIM card for voice and data and you go out or spend very little when you go out. You also find a job within 4 weeks of landing in Tokyo and your work visa is processed at exactly the right time your tourist visa expires; concurrently.


Rent in Japan is usually due every last day of the month for every succeeding month, so you’ll have to budget at least an adequate amount; no unnecessary binge drinking or shopping spree indulgences. This assumes that you will receive your first salary payment within 4 weeks of the first day you start your job in the month.


You have to have enough money ready to cover the adequate amount of rent money because you won’t receive your first paycheck until the start of month five. So you might need to borrow loans or just tell the land lady or lord that you have a predicament.




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