The Pokemon Company to Release a New Mobile Game in 2020

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Japan is known worldwide as the home of the most popular animation shows, fiction characters and video games. With its high end technology and advanced graphics, hundreds of thousands of anime enthusiasts across the globe are attracted to Japanese animated series, movies and mangas or comic books. Among the many reasons why tourists look forward to coming to Japan year in and year out is because of the one of a kind anime experience offered by the Land of the Rising Sun.


Some of the most iconic characters that gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also on a universal scale are the Pocket monsters otherwise known as Pokemons. In fact, a recent blockbuster movie entitled “Detective Pikachu” showcasing the different species of Pokemons earned more than 120 million dollars in North America alone. The main character, Pikachu is the most well loved Pokemon all over the world.


The global success of this animated franchise prompted the Pokemon Company to launch an augmented reality mobile game called “Pokemon Go” in 2016. The game became a big hit among anime lovers and game enthusiasts from different parts of the world. This mobile game utilized GPS to find the location of virtual Pokemons for the player to capture, train and battle. What makes the game even more interesting is that the Pokemons appear as if they are in the gamer’s actual location in the real world.

This 2019, the Pokemon Company revealed in a press conference that they are now developing another mobile gaming application which will be launched as “Pokemon Sleep”. The game intends to take note of the gamer’s sleeping time and uses the data for the game play. In this way, the players will be able to catch Pokemons while they are asleep without the need of always checking out their smartphones. Tsunekazu Ishihara, the chief executive of the Pokemon Company said that “We want to turn sleep into entertainment.” This new Pokemon mobile game is set to be released in 2020.



Pokemon sleep app to launch next year

Pokémon Go


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