The Grandest Pokemon Event to take place in Yokohama this Summer

Year in and year out, Japan attracts millions of tourists and anime enthusiasts from different parts of the world. The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the most well-known animated television shows, movies and iconic fictional characters. One of the most popular animation franchises that gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also in the global scale is the Pokemon which is also known as Pocket Monsters. The franchise managed by the Pokemon Company features Pokemon species which human are designed to catch in order to participate in Pokemon battles.


Pikachu emerged as the most loved Pokemon character appearing in various animated shows, movies, mangas or comic books, playing cards and even in video games. Hundreds of thousands of Pokemon fanatics can’t help but fall in love with this cute and fluffly electric type Pocket monster.


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It is the dream of every Pokemon enthusiasts and trainers to personally witness life-sized Pikachu characters in action as well as live shows and performances dedicated to their favorite Pokemon. Every year, Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan hosts the so-called “Pikachu Outbreak”. It is considered to be the grandest, most amazing and electrifying Pokemon event for anime lovers worldwide. The event is open to both locals and foreign tourists alike.


This coming August 6-12, 2019, the event is set to take place in Minato Mirai district. The organizers announced that the event will be featuring more than 2,000 Pikachu-inspired characters as part of the week-long celebration. They also intend to maximize the beautiful night sceneries of the city with more night performances using the latest LED technology, costumes and flags. The main events are scheduled between 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening.


Pokemon fanatics are also looking forward to the dance performances of the lively Pikachu mascots while utilizing the giant fountains around Yokohama’s red brick establishments. Meanwhile, the grandest live show will be held at Rinkai Park to be participated in by a total of fifty Pikachu performers.



Pikachu Outbreak is taking over Yokohama summer 2019 for biggest event yet

Pikachu Outbreak 2019



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