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Did you know that according to, the average farmer vegetable gross salary in Japan is ¥2,550,126 per year? That is roughly 94,000 per month when converted to local Philippine currency!

Utsunomiya City is near Tokyo and is located in Japan’s main Honshu island. The town is famous for its Gyoza, shrines and Castle. Utsunomiya has a total population of 519,223 and is one of the major cities in Japan but unfortunately lacks young citizens and local workers. Currently, the number of elderly citizens exceeds the younger ones. 

In response to this growing issue in Utsunomiya City, the founder of Delta Co. Ltd, Mr. Kenji Oyamada, expanded his business to Utsunomiya City in a hope to revitalize the agricultural industry and bring in young Filipino and other foreign workers in the city to answer the decreasing number of the younger population and manpower of the city through Delta Co. Ltd.’s The Farm project.

The Farm project aims to revitalize the farmlands in Utsunomiya City that have been affected by chemical fertilizers and pesticides by using enzymes and good bacteria to restore the soil fertility. Aside from The Farm initiative, Delta has also acquired real estate properties that can accommodate future workers of The Farm. With this, Mr. Oyamada is confident that the future of the new generation will be brighter in Utsunomiya.

Through Delta’s effort, they were able to address the problem of Japan’s labor shortage and elderly-young ratio in Rural areas and are able to provide better opportunities for foreign workers, especially to Filipinos.  

To learn more about this career opportunity in Japan, you may send your inquiries to Delta Co. Ltd. You may reach them on the following platforms below:






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