Technical Trainees in Machineries and Tool Industry May be Absorbed As Specified Skilled Workers in Japan

When it comes to machineries and tool industry, Japan is known to have the best quality of products and the most advanced technological developments. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals from different countries across the globe are interested to become technical trainees or interns in Japanese production companies in order to learn the technical knowhow and acquire valuable knowledge from these Japan based firms which they can bring home with them in their country of origin.


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These foreign nationals have availed of the benefits provided under the Technical Internship Training Program. However, after the expiration of the term in which they are allowed to stay in the country under the said program, they have to return to their country of origin to be able to apply the knowledge and experience that they have obtained in Japan. This is particularly helpful in third world countries.


However, due to the chronic labor shortage in Japan as a result of the country’s aging population and low birth rate, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended its strict immigration policies that used to impose a lot of stringent requirements on foreign nationals who seek to work and reside in Japan on a permanent basis.


One of the most remarkable changes introduced in the amended Immigration Control Act is the new visa category known as the “Specified Skilled Worker Visa” This category may be availed of by foreign nationals have considerable knowledge and experience in the specific industry that they intend to work in. It is particularly aimed to address the labor crunch experienced in fourteen identified sectors.


These fourteen sectors that are deemed to suffer the worst forms of workforce setback include Care worker, Building Cleaning Management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industry, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Electric, Electronic and Information Industries, among others.


In addition, under this visa category, foreigners who previously worked as technical trainees in Machine Parts and Tooling industry may apply as specified skilled workers who can stay in Japan for another five years even without taking the Specified Evaluation Test provided that they possess at least an “N4” level in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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