Tattooed Visitors Disallowed in Most Hot Spring Facilities at Beppu City

Since the commencement of the 2019 Rugby World Cup which is held in Japan for the first time, hundreds of thousands of tourists and sports enthusiasts have come to visit the Land of the Rising Sun in order to personally witness the much anticipated multi national sports event.


Foreign spectators during the rugby games are not only looking forward to enjoy the games but they are also excited to explore the beautiful sightseeing spots of Japan, experience the country’s distinctive culture and try out some iconic Japanese dishes.


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One of the most popular pastime activities among the Japanese nationals is going to onsens or hot spring resorts. Foreign sojourners in Japan are likewise interested to try out these hot springs in order to experience the authentic Japanese culture. For instance, in Beppu Oita Prefecture, the colorful jigoku hot springs are the main tourist attractions.


With the Rugby World Cup hype, numerous rugby fans visited the different hot spring resorts in Japan. In this regard, the Beppu onsens or hot springs are still divided in their decision on whether or not to allow tattooed visitors inside their premises considering that such a practice has a negative connotation in the country.


While having tattoos is already acceptable in many countries across the globe, such fashion is regarded as a taboo in Japan because of its negative association with yakuza gangs and other similar crime syndicates.


Beppu city has approximately four hundred hot spring resorts which includes almost three hundred private onsens situated inside hotels and ryokan inns. Majority of these private facilities do not allow tattooed visitors in their common hot spring baths.


According to Seiji Hori, a senior official at the Beppu City Ryokan Hotel Association, “Users tell us they don’t want their children to see tattoos. We don’t want Japanese customers to leave us.”


Reference: With Rugby World Cup in full swing, Beppu hot spring resort still divided over tattooed visitors


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