Survey Reveals More than 2% Increase in the Number of Foreign Immigrants in Japan

As is known worldwide, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently struggling with its dwindling population and chronic labor shortage. These social concerns stemmed from the rapid increase in the number of senior citizens and very low birth weight in the country.


In order to address these issues, Japan is set to implement new rules and regulations as well as improve its tourism sector to entice foreign nationals who are seeking for employment opportunities abroad. Last April 2019, the Japanese government enacted the Revised Immigration System that relaxes the rules for visa application especially for designated skilled workers.


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Based on a demographic survey published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan’s population as of the beginning of the year 2019 is 127,443,563 as determined after a careful review of the registration data of each of the residents in the country. An analysis of the said findings would show that there has been a decline in the number of Japanese citizens in the country. On the other hand, the number of foreign immigrants in Japan has increased by 2.09% of the total population.


Most of the foreign nationals residing in Japan seek for employment opportunities in commercial establishments and businesses from various sectors. The surge of overseas workers in Japan is even expected to rise after the enactment of the revised immigration rules which seeks to temper the stringent regulations of the Japanese government on migrant workers. In order to address the issues on declining population and chronic labor shortage, Japan implemented the revised immigration laws particularly to encourage more foreign workers with designated skills.


The capital city of Japan where most urban centers and commercial establishments are located has recorded the biggest overseas population with over five hundred fifty thousand foreign nationals. This is followed by Aichi, Osaka and Kanagawa.


Reference: Foreign Resident Population in Japan Rises Above 2%


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