Students in dismay after most schools impose hair and clothes restrictions

Black hair regulations at school force hair and clothes to students without showing reason. Even at the National Assembly of Education and Research of the Nichiren Festival, there were reports from all over the place, and the faculty members exchanged opinions.


The student who showed dissatisfaction has raised a complaint during the general meeting such as, but not limited to the “Unreasonable minor provisions”, “The teacher’s words hurt self- confidence”,  and also added that the school initiate an improvement. The school apologized for the teacher’s verbal abuse but reconsidered the school regulations.


In the 2017 hair examination, there were 117 schools out of 164 schools met the strict hair and clothes regulation. Also, in 37 schools of the 164, it is obligatory to submit a “basic hair certificate” declaring the color of the original hair, 34 schools summarized hair color samples from black to golden. It was named a Level Scale and was also used to examine to every student’s hair brightness.


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There is a tendency towards severe punishment at high school scene where they cannot stop pushing it. A total of 44 schools conducted measures to let students with violated hair and clothes go home, and some schools were pressing to drop out. Mr. Tsuji said that there are 20 school teachers and some schools are pushing students and parents to drop out.


A junior high school teacher in Nagano Prefecture, Mr. Iidake (44) said that the students themselves are aware of strange clothes and hairstyles and they have the ability to improve their sovereign consciousness without leaving school rules and activities to the students.


In 1980s, when school violence became serious, such as violence by teachers and breaks in window glasses, children tried to calm down at the school site by strengthening school regulations such as disciplined life attitudes and clothes.


It is called zero tolerance method. Although it varies from region to region, schools seeking strict school regulations are considered to be located in various places even now.


Reference: Black school regulations field scratches hair, clothes, movements of severe punishment also “autonomy does not grow”


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