Stabbing and Shooting in Elementary School

A 21-year-old man, Keita Shimazu, attacked a police box in Toyama City on Tuesday, stabbing a police officer and killing him then shooting a security guard at a nearby elementary school also killing him. The gun he took was from the officer.


The man was a former SDF member and was shot and later arrested at the scene after shooting a guard at the front gate of a school.


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Kenichi Inaizumi, overseeing the police box, and Shinichi Nakamura, were both pronounced dead after they were taken to hospital. Shimazu, on the other hand, remains in critical condition, having been shot by another police officer who responded to the attacks.


The suspect fired multiple shots at Nakamura. He was found lying on the ground near the school gate and had gunshot wounds on his head and shoulder.


The suspect was later arrested inside the Okuda Elementary School after he was shot by a lone police officer who responded to the gunfire. Thankfully, all students were inside the school at the time of the attack and none were harmed.


The police had forewarned the board of education that a knife-wielding man was roaming around the area near the school.


Teachers brought all the students to the gymnasium where they stayed until the crisis was over. The teachers bravely guarded the gym entrances with brooms and sticks or whatever they could get in their hands.


The attack on the police box took place at around 2 p.m. in a residential area, several hundred meters from the Toyama Train Station.


An old woman, a resident of 60 years, recalled hearing gunshots and saw a police officer running towards the sound and yelling ”shooting, shooting”.


In 2015, Shimazu joined the Ground Self-Defense Force and was stationed at Camp Kanazawa in Ishikawa from April that year onwards and inn March 2017, he was honourably dismissed.


Reference: 2 die after man attacks police box, shoots at school in Japan


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