Sports Wheelchairs Made Available Prior the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo

Less than six months prior to the start of the much anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign sports enthusiasts are looking forward to witness the exciting games. Despite the proliferation of news with regard to the cancellation of the Olympics due to the 2019 novel corona virus outbreak, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics announced that the international sports events will push through.


In fact, many people have expressed their amazement and admiration over the recent innovation introduced by a former Japanese Paralympian to help aid persons with disabilities who aspire to participate in the Paralympic games. Yasuhiro Jinbo who was formerly a member of the men’s wheelchair basketball team made the sports wheelchairs using a special kind of technology.


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Mr. Jinbo joined four Paralympic games between the years 1992 to 2004. In 2006, he stayed in Malaysia as a volunteer with the Japan International Cooperation Agency in order to promote the basketball wheelchair sport.


Currently, he seeks to further introduce the sport to others by making sports wheelchairs available to the public. According to Mr. Jinbo, “I want to disseminate Japanese technology throughout the world. I hope that wheelchair sports will become more popular through the Tokyo Paralympics.”


Mr. Jinbo works for an established wheelchair making company in Japan known as Matsunaga Manufactory Co., which is located in the Yoro town of Gifu Prefecture. Recently, the company is officially supplies sports wheelchairs to the national wheelchair basketball team of England and continues to expand its operations on a global scale.


With the universal success of the sports wheelchair, Mr. Jinbo is even more dedicated to promote and disseminate Paralympic games to different countries around the world. He hopes to empower people with disabilities by making them financially independent. “I hope to see wheelchair sports become more popular” Jinbo says, vowing to help make people with disabilities financially independent through its business.


Reference: Wheelchairs developed by former Japanese Paralympian gaining attention ahead of Tokyo Games


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