Special Privilege Extended to Spouse of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

The Land of the Rising Sun hopes to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals who are regarded as highly skilled professionals such as but not limited to scientists, lawyers, engineers and business executives. With the aging population in the country that resulted in labor shortage in various industries and sectors in Japan, the government has added extra benefits and preferential treatment for foreign professionals in order to encourage them to work and reside in Japan.


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One of the basic advantage of foreign nationals who come to Japan under the highly skilled professional visa is the relaxation of the requirements to obtain permanent residence. As a general rule, the immigration policy of Japan requires at least ten years of continuous stay in the country before one may qualify for permanent residency. However, foreign nationals under the highly skilled professional visa are now allowed to apply for permanent residency after just three years of staying and working in Japan.


In addition, foreigners who visit Japan as instructor, engineer or specialist in humanities or international services may be accompanied by their husband or wife under a special “spouse” visa. The spouse are likewise allowed to work but only a part time basis. Otherwise, if the spouse desire to work full time, they have to change their visa from spouse to work visa as long as they meet the academic and working experience requirements to successfully implement the said visa change.


In instances wherein the spouse of the highly skilled foreign professional does not possess the educational attainment and work experience necessary to obtain the work visa, they may still be allowed to engage in part time work within the country. Basically, the privilege extended to the spouse of highly skilled foreign professionals is intended to entice them to work and stay in Japan for a longer period of time.


Reference: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa for Japan: How and Why to Apply


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