Snow Festival in Sapporo City will Proceed Despite Some Challenges

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A lot of foreign tourists come to visit Japan during winter season in order to personally experience the beautiful snow and white landscape of the Land of the Rising Sun. Various cities and prefectures of Japan have different ways of spending winter from December to February. For instance in Sapporo City which is located in the northern part of Japan, they celebrate the annual Snow Festival which begins on the first week of February this year.


Despite the global alarm in view of the pandemic outbreak of the corona virus, the yearly Snow Festival in Sappora was launched. However, the number of international tourists to the said winter is expected to fall below last years record due to the outbreak that led to cancellation of flights and hotel bookings as well as travel bans.


The novel corona virus outbreak in China has greatly affected the influx of tourists in Japan. According to the organizing committee, “Japanese tourists are also avoiding crowds this year over fears of getting infected.”


Another aspect of the winter season that is said to contribute to the decline in the number of tourists is the unusual low snowfall that is observed across Japan since the end of last year. The organizing committee of the Snow Festival has to go out of their way to create special ice carvings or sculpture as well as gain snow figures that will serve as the main attraction of the festival.


In sum, around two hundred ice sculptures of different sizes are displayed on each of the venues to be utilized for the Snow Festival. To make this possible, the organizers have to procure up to one hundred and twenty large trucks of snow to be delivered on the sites. Thus, it there will be more expenses and transportation costs to be incurred this year.


Reference: Sapporo Snow Festival opens amid coronavirus fears, warm winter


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