Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Foreign Trainees May Avail of Specified Skilled Worker Visa

Over the years, the Land of the Rising Sun is highly commended by foreign shipping companies for its excellent quality of products and efficient work output. As such, there are a lot of foreign nationals who are interested to not only work in Japan but also learn from one of the best Japanese companies across the globe.


Foreigners who seeks to acquire some technical knowhow and valuable knowledge in relation to Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry may be allowed to work in Japan under the Technical Internship Training Program which is intended to empower foreign workers from third world countries by sharing to them the knowledge, skills and experience that are much needed to boost the relevant industry in their country of origin.


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However, in the past, after the expiration of the technical internship training program, these foreign workers are mandated to go back to their respective countries wherein they will be able to utilize the technical knowhow and skills they acquired in Japan. Meanwhile, a lot of Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery companies in Japan have expressed the necessity of absorbing these foreign workers to meet the increasing demands for workforce to keep the business afloat.


As known by many, Japan is currently suffering from chronic labor shortage as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration. The shipping industry as well as the ship manufacturing business is part of the list of fourteen industries that suffer the worst forms of labor setback.


The abovementioned list of fourteen sectors that are deemed to suffer the most serious labor problems include Care worker, Building Cleaning Management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industry, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Electric, Electronic and Information Industries, Construction Industry, Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry, Automobile Repair and Maintenance, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture Fishery and Aquaculture as well as Food and Beverage production.


In this regard, the Japanese government has amended its stringent requirements imposed on foreign nationals who desire to work in the country. Under the new visa category, former technical trainees may work in Japan for another five years with the Specified Skilled Worker Visa without the need of taking the industry specific exam.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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