Shibuya Ward Seeks to Regulate Public Behaviour during Halloween

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Year in and year out, the Land of the Rising Sun attracts even more than hundreds of thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe. Majority of these tourists come to visit the country in order to go sightseeing in famous tourist destinations, experience its unique culture and try out its iconic dishes as well as to be in awe of the technological advancements which Japan is known for.


One of the busiest cities in Japan is its capital, Tokyo. A large number of globetrotters and travel enthusiasts prefer to visit the city as one of their first few stops in Japan. Within Tokyo, they can find the most crowded crossing located at city’s entertainment district in Shibuya Ward. It is tremendously popular not only among foreign tourists but also for locals in Japan especially the younger generation.


The Shibuya Ward is a perfect place to go for fun loving Japanese during Christmas, Halloween and other festive occasions. Since Halloween is fast approaching, the area hopes to regulate the crowd and prevent rowdy behaviours during the activities in the area. As such, its local government has decided to impose an alcohol ban on the streets during the Halloween season.


According to the said ordinance, the consumption of alcohol in parks and on streets near the Shibuya Station this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and on October 31 st unitl November 1 are prohibited. Although it does not carry a specific penalty for violation, the government seeks to remind the public to avoid nuisance and any actions that might pose danger to the general welfare.

Aside from the alcohol ban, the ordinance also regulates loud music volume, climbing on street lights and any other acts that constitute “disturbing the public peace.” Efforts to enact the ordinance were initiated after the local government noted that the crowd has become increasingly loud and aggressive especially during the Halloween season.


Reference: Shibuya hopes to stop Halloween trouble before it starts


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