Shibuya Ensures Public Safety and Order during Halloween Events

The Shibuya district in Tokyo is one of the busiest and crowded areas in the Land of the Reason Sun especially during the much anticipated Halloween season. It is a major entertainment district in Japan Year in and year out, Shibuya attracts hundreds of thousands of local Japanese and foreign tourists due to its modern vibe that showcases amazing technological advancements.


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It is the perfect place for young Japanese and foreigners to spend both Halloween and Christmas season. In order to maintain the peace and safety of the area especially during big events, the local government has decided to implement certain measures to ensure crowd control.


Last Saturday, October 26, 2019, quite a number of people showcased their unique, vibrant and out of this world Halloween costumes. Some of them were wearing super hero, creature costumes and one of kind attires. In response to this, the police gathered to maintain the peace and order of the area. The police also included in their roving the iconic Shibuya crossing.


In addition, various establishments in Tokyo especially in Shibuya area joined the campaign which they coined as “Shibuya Pride Shibuya Halloween” The campaign which seeks to promote peace and order encourages the public to stay calm while enjoying and celebrating the Halloween spirit. A number of restaurants, cafes and shops hanged banners in the area or posted videos of celebrities promoting the said campaign.


Over the weekend, the largest indoor Halloween event for adults in Shibuya which is known as the “Shibuya Otona Halloween Party” attracted quite a number of people due to its costume contest featuring high quality costumes and creative selection of food in their menu. The event was held at Shibuya Hikarie skyscraper.


The said costume party and Halloween event which was participated in by both locals and foreign residents in Japan went smoothly and in order. According to Steven Clark, an Australian resident of Tokyo, “It’s very fun”.


Reference: Tokyo’s Shibuya abuzz with costumed pre-Halloween merrymakers on weekend amid heavy police presence


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