Seven Eleven Japan to Terminate Round the Clock Services due to Labor Shortage

Known to many countries across the globe, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently experiencing an aging population as a result of low birth rate and onward immigration. One of the biggest challenges of this decline is the country’s chronic labor shortage particularly in fourteen identified sectors such as but not limited to the food and service industry, construction, nursing and agriculture, among others.


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In order to address this alarming social concern, the Japanese government undertook some measures in relaxing its immigration policies to open doors of opportunities for foreign workers in the country. Although more and more foreign nationals are enticed to seek employment opportunities in Japan, the problem on labor crunch continues to pose various consequences in some Japanese industries and establishments.


Among the most affected businesses are convenience stores including Seven Eleven Japan Co, the biggest operator of convenience stores in the country since 1975. One of the many features of these convenience stores is its round the clock business operations which is very useful especially for both local and foreign tourists.


However, Seven Eleven Japan Co. has already announced this month that it will no longer be operating for twenty four hours in some of their outlets due to labor shortage. Eight of these major convenience stores will start to shorten their operation hours starting November 1, 2019 as it is very difficult for them to find a staff especially for the night shift. Many other stores may possibly follow the first batch.


According to Seven Eleven Japan President Fumihiko Nagamatsu, “We will talk with shop owners in line with our new guidelines. They will make a final decision”. Seven-Eleven Japan is prompted to shorten its business hours after news spread regarding a franchise owner in Osaka who was forced to cut the operation time at his own store sans any approval from the overall franchise operator due to a severe labor crunch.


Reference: Seven-Eleven Japan to end some 24-hour operations amid labor crunch


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