Seafood Rice Bowl Transforms into a Summer Delectable Delight

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Hundreds of thousands of food enthusiasts all over the world would definitely agree that Japan is home to some of the world’s most iconic and uniquely prepared dishes and delectables. The Land of the Rising Sun caters to various dietary needs of the locals as well as tourists and foodies from different parts of the globe. For health conscious people, sweet tooths and those who are not into sugary food items, the country has a wide selection of Japanese cuisines and desserts that provide a one of a kind gastronomic experience.


In preparation for the hot and humid summer season, a number of dessert stores and confectionery shops are now offering refreshing desserts such as but not limited to ice cream, bubble tea, and iced cold drinks to enable both locals and foreign tourists to beat the heat in Japan.


Among the most visually appealing and delicious frozen desserts are the parfaits. Japan has recently produced some of the most distinctive and attractive parfait ice cream desserts. The most well loved of these parfaits are Nakamura Tokichi’s thirteen layer matcha masterpiece, the cute delectable creations featuring Hello Kitty parfait and the fascinating frozen delights displayed at the popular parfait shop Roy to Silo which was just launched in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.


Sweet tooths would definitely love to try out these cute and yummy parfaits. However, for customers who are not really into sugary treats, Kote to Sakana Shuzo Maikeru located in the Takadanobaba neighborhood of Tokyo also offers a special kind of frozen dessert which seems to look like an ice cream parfait on the outside. But in reality, the ingredients used in coming up with this delectable are actually the same as a seafood rice bowl, another sought after dish in Japan.


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The said dessert is regarded as “seafood parfait.” It comes in a well-decorated parfait cup that is visually pleasing for customers but instead of utilizing sweet ingredients, the seafood parfait is a combination of various fish and other marine based ingredients including Toyosu Fish, rich sauce from sea urchin roe, salmon roe and seaweed beads, among others.


Reference: A cool summer treat, these parfait cups are seafood rice bowls in disguise


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