Salon and Beauty Shops Bring their Full Services to Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes

Known to many countries, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently experiencing an aging and shrinking population as a result of low birth rate in the country and a vast decline in inward migration. This gave rise to various social concerns such as but not limited to senior citizens welfare and chronic labor shortage particularly in the fourteen identified sectors including nursing and health care, construction, agriculture as well as food and service industry.


In order to address these social issues, the Japanese government through its National Legislature or Diet enacted a revised immigration law early this year in order to relax the country’s previously stringent visa rules. In this way, the government aspires to open more and more doors of opportunities for foreign nationals who are seeking for employment in the country.


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Another concern that Japan has to deal with is the senior citizen welfare which includes providing health care benefits for the aging population. Aside from health related services, various firms and establishments in Japan find it more prudent to also provide barber and beauty care services for the senior citizens in homes for the aged and nursing care facilities.


One of the earliest salon service providers especially for senior citizens is known as Trip Salon Un, a beauty company based in Tokyo that send their beauticians and hair stylists to private nursing homes and other facilities for the aging population.


According to Kazuya Yuasa, the president of Trip Salon Un, “Such (on-site) haircutting services were often provided on a makeshift basis, simply by someone laying out a blue tarpaulin, but people sometimes complained of getting strange hairstyles.”


On the contrary, these salon and beauty pop up shops take their wide selection of services including hair perms and massage to nursing homes for the aged. They even utilize the scent of aromatherapy in order to simulate the atmosphere in a salon. These beauticians also provide hair cut and hairdo set up services to senior citizens while providing a 1960s Western style classic music.


Reference: On-site beauty services give Japan’s elderly new lease on style


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