Sakura Inspired Food Treats Available in All IKEA stores in Japan

As the spring season in Japan is fast approaching, various restaurants and food shops across the country especially in Tokyo are currently adopting the sakura or cherry blossom theme. One of the much anticipated events during the upcoming spring time is the “Sakura Pink Food Fair” which is being conducted by IKEA stores all over Japan.


These IKEA stores offer a one of a kind and wide selection of food items made available for both local and foreign tourists who come to visit Japan especially during the spring season. In the past, these IKEA stores have always surprised café goers with their distinctive and iconic menu that are largely inspired by the scent of cherry blossom during spring time.


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Since the dominant color during spring time is pink, most of the sweet treats offered by IKEA stores come in fancy presentation with pinkish hue such as but not limited to their chiffon cake, macaron mixed with raspberries, whipped cream and special Japanese food paste. Another sought after confectionary is the Swedish Princess cake with light pink color.


IKEA stores also serve the so-called “Sakura Sundae” ice cream treat in their menu. It has a variety of color made of cherry blossom flavor soft serve ice cream. These sweet treats are best paired with flavourful dumplings that are served in three different colors along with sweet red bean paste.


For teenagers and young customers, IKEA stores also offer Spring Dogs and the Jumbo Sakura Hot Dog which is known for its gigantic sausage in between two cute buns with pinkish colors. Meanwhile, the spring dog is a unique dessert covered with whipped cream and a sweet-flavored paste. These special spring or cherry blossom inspired food items may be availed of in all IKEA stores nationwide until April 19, 2020. It is definitely the perfect store to buy souvenir items this spring season.


Reference: Pink sakura season comes to IKEA store restaurants and cafes across Japan


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