Rugby World Cup Organizers Apprise Sports Enthusiasts against Bogus Tickets

The schedule for the Rugby World Cup is now fast approaching. The games shall be officially held in Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019. Hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts and rugby fanatics from different parts of the globe are now looking forward to personally witness the said multi national sports event.


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The hype for the much awaited rugby games is even expected to increase as both the participants and spectators count down the days towards the closing ceremony of the Rugby World Cup. Currently, the Rugby games are gaining tremendous popularity across Japan most especially after the national team – the Brave Blossoms – achieved a historic victory over Ireland on Saturday, and some fans have said on social media they will do anything to get into a game.


However, amidst the intensity and promotion of the rugby games, the organizing committee of the Rugby World Cup warned fans to be extra careful in buying tickets. They must not purchase from ticketing companies aside from the official distributor of the tickets. This warning stemmed from the complaints of numerous excited fans who were not allowed to enter the stadium because they presented bogus tickets.


According to a spokesman of the organizing committee, “Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that fans at several venues for the World Cup have been unable to gain admittance due to holding illegally resold tickets.” They highly encourage the fans to buy tickets from the officially recognized sites and not just from any shop or online store in order to avoid being scammed by bogus sellers.


In addition, the committee said that “We once again strongly urge fans to purchase their tickets through official sites.” Social media users supported such movement to discourage fake tickets from circulating in the community and ruining the hype of the rugby games.


Reference: Organizers warn about fake tickets as hundreds turned away from matches


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