Rugby World Cup Expected to Augment Japanese Economy by a Billion Yen

The Land of the Rising Sun aspires to augment their economic gains by approximately two billion dollars during the course of the much anticipated Rugby World Cup which will be held in Japan. Around four hundred thousand sports enthusiasts and rugby fanatics are expected to flock in restaurants and food shops in the country’s capital city, Tokyo.


In preparation for the tremendous surge of both local and international visitors, a number of restaurants and firms engaged in the food and service business are now preoccupied in stocking beer and other liquor products for their potential customers.


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Since the Rugby World Cup will run for seven weeks starting September 20, 2019, the Japanese government urges restaurant operators to see to it that they will not run out of beer supply. According to Naofumi Machidori, a representative from the tourist office in the western city of Koby, “We held a seminar with owners of restaurants and bars, asking them not to run out of beer.” He further said that “We told them they need to have three to five times their normal stock.”


Based on the research and analysis of the international accounting firm, Ernst and Young, the Rugby World Cup which is the very first rugby games to be held in an Asian country is expected to generate more than two hundred billion yen for Japan.


In fact, three weeks prior to the official opening of the Rugby games, popular restaurants and bars across Tokyo have been accepting advanced reservations from international rugby enthusiasts worldwide.


The owner of Tokyo’s “Rugby Dinner No Side Club”, Takeuchi Masakazu said that “It’s like a dream… I’ve got loads of reservations for the World Cup. It’s almost full.” In an interview, he informed the press that, he has been receiving numerous inquiries from potential customers from England, France, New Zealand and Australia.


Reference: Japan eyes beer boost from Rugby World Cup


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