Revising the Japanese Constitution during the elections

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is preparing for a race of leadership with the Prime Minister saying that revising the Japanese constitution will be the biggest point during the upcoming elections.


While Abe leads the current ruling party he was vague when asked if he will continue his leadership and work for another three years in the September elections. He said he wanted to increase the speed at which the Diet are trying to revise the constitution.


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As Japan struggles to recuperate from the heavy rains that struck most of western Japan this month the PM also ordered the operations for rehabilitation and recuperation to accelerate.


Shinzo Abe said that he will visit Hiroshima soon on Saturday to help out with the intent to help rebuild as well as visit the wake of the heavy rains that claimed the lives of 220 people, one of the worst in Japanese history.


When asked about an extra budget for purposes of reconstruction, Abe said the government will use a reserve fund that equals about 400 billion yen ($3,600 million).


It is predicted that Abe will allocate most of his time to the presidential election, which, if victorious, would mean that he is the country’s longest running leader.


A former Secretary General of Japan’s ruling party and several other high-ranking officials in the ruling party are being evaluated as possible electoral candidates.


Abe and his government have triumphed over most of the issues in Japan with better bills, least of which is a bill that allows gambling in Japan. Formerly, the Japanese government has frowned upon this practice and is seen as “ungodly”.


The opposition and most of the public says Abe’s explanations over the allegations in the Diet as insufficient and limited. The cabinet has since endeavoured to make things right again.


Reference: LDP gearing up for leader’s race, Abe eyes constitutional revision


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