Revised Immigration Act Seeks to Overhaul Internship Program for Foreign Interns

Year in and year out, domestic corporations in Japan in cooperation with the Japanese government engages the service of foreign nationals under the technical internship training program. Basically, the arrangement is beneficial for both the foreign technical trainee and the domestic firm or entity. On the part of the trainee, he or she is given the opportunity to acquire valuable training as well as technical skills and know how with regard to the relevant industry or sector that he or she is accept for.


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Meanwhile, it is also one of the means by which the government is able to address the chronic labor shortage in the country as a result of its aging population, low birth rate and decline in inward migration.


Known to many countries, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently suffering from workforce setback. Thus, the establishment of the technical internship training program which was not only meant to help and give relevant knowledge to workers from third world countries is also actually useful for Japanese industries in battling the issue on labor crunch.


However, according to a report by the Japanese Justice Ministry last March 2019, a considerable number of foreign trainees who are in Japan under the technical internship training program are utilized as cheap labor and subject to abusive labor conditions such as excessive and long work hours and underpayment of wages.


This is one of the many reasons for the amendment of the revised immigration control law that seeks to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals who are seeking for jobs in Japan. With the revision of its immigration policies, the Japanese government through its legislators intends to overhaul the technical intern training program.


The Japanese government recognizes the valuable contribution of foreign technical trainees in providing the necessary unskilled labor for domestic corporations suffering from chronic labor shortage. As such, it is but proper to revise the technical intern training program in order to fully protect these foreign interns.


Reference: Overhaul foreign trainee program


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