Relatively Easier Specified Skills Evaluation Test for Food and Beverage Production

In view of the fast paced technology and modern innovations in the Land of the Rising Sun, the country is highly saturated with manufacturing companies and commercial establishments engaged in the production of food and beverages.


However, with the rapid increase in the number of companies that are interested to invest in Japan, there is also a decline in the supply of human resources that belong to the working age population. Due to its aging population and low birth rate, Japan is currently suffering from the consequences of chronic labor shortage.


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The fourteen sectors that are deemed to suffer the most serious labor problems include Care worker, Building Cleaning Management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industry, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Electric, Electronic and Information Industries, Construction Industry, Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry, Automobile Repair and Maintenance, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture Fishery and Aquaculture as well as Food and Beverage production.


In this regard, the Japanese government through its National Diet enacted the New Immigration Control Act which amends the previous immigration policies that used to provide for stringent requirements on foreign nationals who aspire to work and reside in Japan.


One of the most notable changes introduced in the revised immigration law is the new visa category known as “Specified Skilled Worker” visa. This may be availed of by foreign nationals who have considerable experience and skills in relation to the particular industry or sector that they intend to work in. They need not have high educational attainment nor possess a college or university graduate.


Foreign nationals intend to work in the Food and Beverage production industry wherein there is a high demand of blue collar jobs may avail of the Specified Skilled Worker visa provided that they pass the Specified Skills Evaluation Test and obtain a conversation level in Japanese Language Proficiency. For those who are afraid of taking exams, they need not worry a lot because the Specified Skills Evaluation is said to be relatively easier compared to other sectors.


Reference: Specified Skilled Visa


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