Reebok Japan Releases Sanrio Inspired Shoes

The Land of the Rising Sun is not only known for its beautiful sightseeing spots, distinctive culture and tradition, iconic dishes and technological advancements but also for their one of a kind merchandise. Japanese products are known worldwide for their originality and distinctive style.


Hundreds of thousands of consumers and animation series lovers from different countries across the globe are looking forward to new products featuring anime inspired themed released by Japan based companies every year.


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One of the most popular animes in Japan are the Sanrio characters such as but not limited to Hello Kity, My Melody and Gudatema. Over the years, these adorable animes gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also on a universal scale. In fact, quite a number of restaurants, food shops, cafes and theme parks have adopted designs that showcase these cute characters to attract more and more customers.


Not only are these designs utilized by food shops and service establishments for marketing and promotions, various merchandises released by big companies have also featured Sanrio inspired designs in their items. For instance, the latest collaboration that sparked the interest of a number of customers is between Reebok and Sanrio.


Reebok has been known for its retro footwear way back in the 1990s. In fact, the company has recently released again the popular, the Instapump Fury OG which was formerly introduced in the market in 1994. This Reebok shoe variant is known for its bold style and vibrant colours which is why it is the best crossover for the cute and adorable characters of Sanrio.


The most sought after pairs of Reebok shoes are the ones with motif inspired by Hello Kitty and Gudatema. The Hello Kitty sneakers have a combination of white and red with black details that forms the Kitty’s cute face.


Meanwhile, Gudetama’s rebook sneakers show white and bright yellow design, just like the color scheme of the Sanrio character. The shoe contains Gudetama faces at its heel as well as at its front portion.


Reference: Sanrio character sneakers from Reebok


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