Recyclable Materials to be Utilized for the Tokyo Olympics Athletes Village

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As the much anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games are getting closer and closer, a lot of excited international spectators, sports enthusiasts and even athletes both from Japan and across the globe are definitely looking forward to the various activities and surprises that are in store during the international sports event.


This year, the Tokyo organizing committee has undertaken to organize a special and one of a kind accommodation for the Olympic participants in the so-called Athletes Village. Among the many distinctive features of this place are the bed frames made up of extra strong cardboards.


Instead of using the usual materials for the bed frames, the general manager of the Athletes village revealed that they will be utilizing a special kind of cardboard. According to Takashi Kitajima, “Those beds can stand up to 200 kilograms.” or approximately four hundred and forty pounds. In fact, these sturdy cardboard bed frames are a lot more durable compared to wooden frames.


The singe cardboard bed frames will be reused or recycled into paper products after the course of the Olympic and Paralympic games. Meanwhile, the mattresses which are not made of paper will be reused into plastic products. Basically, the Athletes Village seeks to utilize certain materials that could still be reused even after the Olympics.

Kitajima remarked that “The organizing committee was thinking about recyclable items, and the bed was one of the ideas” The said idea was implemented by one of the Olympic patrons, Airweave Inc. following the advice of the Tokyo Olympics organizing team. This is the very first time that the beds and the mattresses are made up of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.


By June this year, the Athletes village aims to finish the entire accommodation for the athletes just in time before the Olympic games will open on July 24 followed by the Paralympics on August 25.


Reference: An Olympic first: Cardboard beds for Tokyo Athletes Village


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