Rapid Increase in Demand for Foreign IT Experts and Software Engineers in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide as one of the most technologically advanced countries across the globe. Year in and year out, the country welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to visit the country not only to go sightseeing in their awe inspiring tourist attractions, experience their unique culture and tradition, try the wide selection of iconic Japanese cuisines but also to personally check out Japan’s unique and innovative technological advancements and inventions.


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Japan is highly commended for its advanced or modern technology especially in the area of information technology and software programming. However, the country is currently dealing with the consequences of its worsening workforce setback as a direct result of its aging population, low birth rate and vast decline in inward migration.


Since the number of people in the working age group is rapidly decreasing in Japan, there is a wide demand of workers or labor force in various industries and sectors in the country. In order to address these labor issues, the Japanese government through the National Diet amended the previous immigration policies in the country that used to provide stringent requirements on foreign nationals who seek to work and reside in Japan.


Based on the New Immigration Control Act, the Land of the Rising Sun aspires to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign skilled workers and professionals. Among the most in demand group of professionals in Japan are the information technology or software engineers who have a certain degree of expertise in specific fields such as databases and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development.


Despite the aging population in Japan, there is a tremendous increase in the demand for software based technologies such as but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, web based services and other online features. In this regard, there is also a great demand for foreign software engineers and IT experts in the country.



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